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nordie brings the elegant simplicity of scandinavian styling and dining to red hill.


Guaranteed  to  set  you  up  for  a  day  of  winery  or  adventure  tours  with  its  anytime  brunch  and  casual  lunch  menus. Nordie  brings  the  elegant  simplicity  of  Scandinavian styling  and  dining  to  wine  country  with  the  warm  hospitality  of  Rina Portet’s  hometown  of  Copenhagen.

Well regarded roastery Allpress is the backbone of coffee breakfast, which offers something for everyone. For the health conscious community the Nordie Green Bowl has proved very popular, while chef Troy Scammell’s Red Hill Rösti Benedict delights with it’s simplicity of smoked salmon, poached egg, avocado & hollandaise.


you’ll also find coffee beans, prana chai and a choice of stylish wares by iconic danish design house, hay.


For a wind-down lunch in the childfriendly cider garden, you can grab a rosé with a Copenhagen Hot Dog – a locally-made bratwurst with a local beer or Pinot Noir, while the kids entertain themselves in the cubby house and gardens.

Nordie has its own mini-market with coffee beans, Prana Chai, brewing kits, and also a choice of stylish and practical home and kitchen wares by the iconic and award winning Danish design house, HAY – in fact the entire HAY range, including its furniture, is available through Nordie Café.